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GeoQinetiq Survey equipment e-store

This online store is powered by GeoQinetiq Limited.

GeoQinetiq Limited is a company that sells, repairs, services, hires and calibrates construction, engineering and land survey equipment such as HDS Laser scanners, Total Stations, Theodolites, GNSS/GPS Surveying Equipment, Levels, Laser Levels, Pipe Lasers, Dual Grade Lasers, Laser Distancemeters, Surveying Accessories, Surveying Software and Cable & Pipe Detectors. A vast number of new and ex-demo equipment are available for sale.


Special Offers

Leica ScanStation C10
Leica ScanStation C10
Leica Disto D3
Leica Disto D3
Leica NA700 Series Automatic Levels
Leica NA700 Series Automatic Levels
Leica Rugby 410DG
Leica Rugby 410DG


Builder Series [10]:
Leica Builder 100 | Leica Builder 200 | Leica Builder 300 | Leica Builder 400 | Leica Builder 500
Cable Location Equipment [11]:
DIGICAT 100 | DIGICAT 200 | Signal Generators | Cable traces | Sonde | Accessories
Disto,Roteo and Lino [9]:
Leica Disto | Leica Lino | Leica Roteo
Flexline TPS [3]:
TS02 | TS06 | TS09
GPS Accessories [23]:
Batteries | Carriers | Antennas | Chargers | Datalogging
Grade Lasers [6]:
Leica Rugby 200G series | Leica Rugby 300 SG Series | Leica Rugby 400 DG series
HDS Laser Scanners [5]:
Lasers [5]:
Rugby 100 | Rugby 200 | Rugby 50 | Rugby 55
Leica GPS 1200+ [1]:
Leica GS09 [1]:
Leica TPS TM30-TS30 [2]:
Leica Viva Controller [2]:
Leica Viva GNSS [2]:
Leica Zeno [2]:
Leica Zeno 10 | Leica Zeno 15
Levels [8]:
Optical Levels | Precise Optical Levels | Electronic Levels | Digital Levels
Lieca TPS1200+ [7]:
Leica TCRP1200+ | Leica TCRA1200+ | Leica TCP1200+ | Leica TCA1200+ | Leica TCRM1200+ | Leica TCR1200+ | Leica TC1200+
Machine Receivers [1]:
Leica Depth Master MC200
Software [4]:
TPS Accessories [11]:


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