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Leica GRX1200+ GNSS Reciever

Leica GRX1200+ GNSS Reciever

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LEICA System 1200 receivers provide all the flexibility, power and performance needed for every type of GPS application. with a new, ultra-precise GPS measurement engine, new, fast, self-checking RTK algorithms, and a comprehensive, self-explanatory user interface.
  • Accuracy: Leica Geosystems proven GNSS accuracy rises to the next level with the very latest SmartTrack+ measurement engine technology. Enhanced signal processing and industry leading measurement quality deliver optimal accuracy even in though conditions,a real Plus
  • Reliability:GPS1200+ includes the unique SmartCheck+ technology. SmartCheck+ guarantees maximum reliability by continuously checking results. Complete trust in reliability without compromising fast initialization times allows total focus on productivity,a real Plus
  • Consistency in Networks: With Leica Geosystems’ SmartRTK and RTCM 3.1 correction data, the best performance in networks is guaranteed. Never again worry about loosing consistency and traceability because of virtually computed reference stations, a real Plus.
  • GNSS Modernization: PS and GLONASS are continually improving and the European Galileo and Chinese Compass systems are emerging to provide additional benefits for world-wide users. With GPS1200+ all new GNSS systems are supported, a real Plus.
  • GPS L5: GPS L5 is the new third GPS frequency. Through higher power emission GPS L5 offers easy and faster signal acquisition and tracking. Advanced signal modulation schemes improve multipath rejection performance. GPS1200+ will track this new signal from day one, a real Plus.
  • Galileo:Galileo will add another 30 satellites to the GPS and GLONASS constellation. This will provide an average of 20 satellites in view 24/7 and will further improve speed and accuracy. Leica Geosystems is the first to offer full upgradeability to the most modern and accurate Galileo AltBOC signal,a real Plus.
  • Future Proof:With Leica GPS1200+ you can be certain that you’re ready for the future. Invest today in future proof GNSS technology and be sure that your equipment can track all satellites today and tomorrow. Future proof GNSS also means existing GPS1200 can be upgraded to the very latest technology.
  • Plus: More Accuracy and Speed -- Tomorrow
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